Allison Tables, MA, NCC, LPC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and middle school counselor located in Stamford, CT. I have worked with middle and high school students for over twelve years. In addition, I have worked privately as a therapist and executive functions coach for the past five years.

In my experience, it has become clear that many children and adolescents suffer from weaknesses in executive functioning and social skills. These are important life skills that are not taught in school, yet are essential for success. Due to the many academic demands within our school system, it has become apparent that there is not enough space within the school day to devote the appropriate amount of time to teach these skills. Through direct skill-based instruction, my practice is devoted to help clients strengthen their EF and/or social skills. Not only do I help clients develop these skills, but provide them with a safe space to express their frustrations and feelings around their challenges. I understand that everyone has their unique profile and therefore modify my approach with each child according to their personal needs.