What is EFfective Counseling?

Experienced clinician and school counselor, Allison Tables, has created EFfective Counseling in order to provide skill-based executive functioning and social skills support from both a relational and educational perspective. EFfective Counseling services children and adolescents who have either executive functioning deficits, weak social skills, or both.

In Allison’s twelve years of experience as a therapist, executive functions coach, and school counselor, it has become clear to her that many children and adolescents suffer from weaknesses in executive functioning and social skills. Due to the ever-increasing time constraints and curriculum demands within our school system, there is little to no time within the school day to devote instruction to these essential life skills. Allison therefore created EFfective Counseling in order to service children and adolescents with social skills and/or executive functioning deficits through skill-based instruction. In addition, Allison provides her clients with a safe space to express their frustrations and feelings around their challenges. She understands that everyone has their unique profile and therefore modifies her approach with each child according to his/her personal needs.



Phone: (203) 539-1541
Email: allison@ef-counseling.com
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